Contacts and informations

For information on the territory:

IAT: Tourist Reception Information

Via Franceschini, 1/A – 42035 Castelnovo Ne Monti

tel. +390522810430

Info about Castelnovo C’entro project:

Comune di Castelnovo ne’ Monti

Piazza Gramsci 1 – 42035 Castelnovo ne’ Monti

Servizio Promozione del Territorio, Sport e Turismo
Tel. + 39 0522 610249-274-222-208

Castelnovo C’entro

For all information regarding website and application

We quote the source of the images where available, how many have anyway to boast reasons in this regard can contact the editors of Castelnovo C’entro to provide to quote the correct source or provide for the removal of the same.